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04/18/02 Thu drafts her Executive Summary: (an excerpt)

"The two principle owners of, Jared Morgenstern and Eddie Lim, developed the Moviegal concept together in the attic of an underutilized Harvard facility during their junior and senior years. As office use increased, it became obvious that their offices were becoming more and more their homes away from home."
04/08/02 Mon The Harvard Crimson, which never supports anything, takes Moviegal's side on the above debate.

Council Listings Welcome
04/02/02 Tue Harvard student government debates sponsorship of the student-run business,

Undergraduate Council / Moviegal Debate
03/07/02 Thu Moviegal opens talks with Pfoho grille for a possible synergy
02/26/02 Tue Moviegal begins development of partner product, Internet Inventory Exposing Toolkit
02/15/02 Fri Phase III focus begins

  • Jimmy joins the team
  • Shopping Cart
  • Delivery
02/01/02 Fri Moviegal decides to operate independently of Tommy's Pizza and Convenience
01/31/02 Thu Phase II Moviegal infrastructure Completed

  • 100 more DVDs
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Advanced Site Construction
01/18/02 Fri registers in Cambridge as a Partnership
01/15/02 Tue finds her first die hard fan and best friend. Rich.
01/02/02 Wed Launch date postponed until February 1
01/01/02 Tue Phase I Moviegal infrastructure Completed

  • 100 DVDs
  • Tommy's Terminal
  • Basic Site Construction
12/20/01 Thu 2 students, close friends, decide to form a business. Jared. Eddie.

Jared spends Christmas vacation walking dogs for money and building site in his Cambridge dorm room.
Kara visits, drags him home.
12/14/01 Fri 200 surveys are completed, designed to focus sales and construction
12/07/01 Fri is hosted, teaser site goes up, including this news

Abnormally many requests for "The Neverending Story" scare creators
12/05/01 Wed Tommy's and agree to trial site construction
11/27/01 Tue Tommy's leaks some news of the partnership to the Crimson

Tommy's Market Suffers Slow Start
11/19/01 Wed Negotiations with Tommy's Pizza and Convenience Begin

Business plan includes introduction from crimson article concerning bankruptcy:
Once and Future Kozmo
10/18/01 Thu purchased

3 students begin discussion of "how to?" Jared. Steve. Aalap.
10/15/01 Mon At an Undergraduate Council Sub-meeting, the need for a DVD store is realized
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